• Perception and Lighting as Formgivers for Architecture
  • by William M.C. Lam
  • Pub: McGraw-Hill
  • Pub. Date: May 1977
  • 320 pages

  • Paperback Edition
  • Van Nostrand Reinhold
  • 1992
  • 310 pages

  • French Edition
  • Eclairage et Architecture
  • Moniteur
  • 310 pages


INTERIOR DESIGNspacerby Leslie Larson
For the past thirteen years William M. C. Lam has played a prominent roll In the American lighting scene as a theoretician, designer, and effective critic of the Illuminating Engineering Society. While his design work on over 450 projects in the US. and Canada is obviously impressive, his effort to redirect the practice of lighting away from a quantitative footcandle fixation toward an environmental approach is even more important.

The publication of his words and works is, therefore, a significant event. All who are interested in lighting (particularly IES members) will benefit from reading this book.

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEWspacerby R.G. Hopkington
William Lam is one of those, few internationally known lighting designers who trained and practiced as architects, but who have mastered the numerate technology of illuminating engineering, and whose designs therefore have logic as well as elegance.

Prof. Michael Leyton, Rutgers Univ
..."William Lam's extraordinary achievement will be taught in all universities as one of the principal and most insightful foundations of perceptual psychology."
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  • Sunlighting as Formgiver
  • by William M.C. Lam
  • Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold
  • Pub. Date: October 1986
  • 464 pages

E. Verner Johnson, AIA
This book is for architects who are truly interested in how people feel in their buildings. Bill Lam gives a clear explanation of the properties of light, particularly sunlight, and provides an understandable guide to designing with light to create more livable architectural environments. His carefully considered and candid criticisms of buildings that have previously received unqualified praise by the architectural press provide a valuable learning experience. These appraisals, and the book's many case studies, take the reader beyond the theoretical into the pragmatic reality of built buildings. Because the book contains such valuable reference data, it is one that all architects should read...and reter back id as they deal with the important issues of natural and artificial lighting in their practice.

Donald Watson, Architect, FAIA
"William Lam is the Master of the art of daylighting. This book is his finest, fullest text. In it. he also becomes Master Teacher. His reviews and critiques of his own work put you there, listening to lessons learned from a lifetime of practice with renowned architects and their innovative daylit building designs.

Quite simply: read this book. Study its examples. Let it sink in.
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  • Approach to Design of the Luminous Environment
  • by Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
  • William M.C. Lam, Principle Consultant
  • Publisher: State University Construction Fund
  • Pub. Date: January, 1976
  • 136 pages

This report is the culmination of ongoing research....This research recognized that lighting levels could be reduced inbuildings without affecting performance, thus anticipating the need to conservw energy by several years.


This report should be of interest to those concerned with the luminous environment. For some, the entire approach may have appeal, for other individuals, parts of the report will offer new insights and perspectives. It is in this spirit that the report is being made available as a public service.

  • A Report Prepared for the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority
  • By William M.C. Lam, Principle Consultant
  • Pub. Date: September, 1976
  • 160 pages

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  • Lighting for Architecture
  • William M.C. Lam - 1963
  • 4 Part Series, 48pp
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  • Lighting of Cities
  • William M.C. Lam - June - July 1965
  • 2 Part Series, 13pp
  • Lighting of Cities
  • North American office lighting over four decades
  • William M.C. Lam & Robert J Osten Jr.
  • 40th Anniversary Issue 3rd Quarter 1989 pp122-126
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  • National Arts Center-Ottawa
  • William M.C. Lam
  • Vol 4 1969 pp119-123
  • National Arts Center-Lighting
  • William M.C. Lam -May 1969 pp48-52
  • Environonmental Control-Lighting
  • William M.C. Lam November 1962